Susie Wilson Business Etiquette

Consultancy & Staff Training

Susie Wilson Finishing runs training courses throughout the year on all aspects of residential and estate management. These courses cover a comprehensive range of subjects from valeting and food and beverage service to protocol, etiquette and effective communication. Skills and techniques are taught for the professional and efficient management of one home or several.

If your staff requires a refresher course on one or all aspects of service delivery, we will tailor a course to meet your needs delivered off-site.

Tailored training solutions are offered to hotels and resorts delivered on-site by qualified trainers to meet the client’s scheduling requirements.


What is Business Etiquette Consultancy Service

Susie Wilson Business Etiquette Consulting empowers its clients to confidently navigate the intricacies and protocol of doing business in a modern world. Whether it’s working the room during a networking event or enjoying a formal dinner with the board of directors, Our consulting helps clients feel comfortable in any professional setting.

Brimming with practical and actionable etiquette tips. Each course offers relevant how-tos and insights on everything from introductions and business entertaining to professional decorum and correspondence.

Hands-on, interactive instruction is customised to the individual client and their specific needs, but each workshop has the same goal: share the business communication, leadership and inclusion skills necessary to succeed in the modern workplace.


Our consulting services include:

  • Soft Skills in Sixty: A 60-minute intensive on business etiquette and communication essentials — handshakes, introductions, networking and follow-up — for leaving a lasting first impression.

  • The Etiquette Advantage: Modern etiquette skills proved to accentuate business expertise and professional image.

  • Dining with Distinction: From informal coffees to seven-course meals, the soft skills needed to enjoy effortless, artful dining experiences.

  • Empower Hour: A one-hour course designed specifically to help women level the playing field and close the gender gap in professional settings.

  • MBA Essentials: For MBA candidates poised to take their careers to the next level.

  • The  Advantage: Introductory etiquette essentials to help young professionals build their networks, polish their professional brands and move up the corporate ladder.


 Participants leave armed with the knowledge and confidence necessary to build respectful relationships, communicate effectively and manage their professional image.