• Susie Wilson

Public Speaking And Media Skills.

We're not normally ones to compound people's embarrassment by drawing attention to it, but we couldn't help but smile (with sympathy) when Sainsbury's CEO Mike Coupe was inadvertently filmed singing 'We're in the Money' ahead of an interview about his company's multi-billion dollar merger with Asda. If you're required to represent your company in public, you'll know how easy it can be to make similar mistakes: to be caught off guard or unprepared, or simply to falter, panic and say the wrong thing. Just ask Diane Abbott, Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson, all of whom have famously fallen foul of the 'car-crash' interview. That's why, following the popularity of our previous open public speaking courses, our next one will also focus on media skills, including interviews and presentations, as well as managing your own and your company's presence online and on social media platforms. 

$179.00 Topics include: * Projecting confidence

* Personal Image * Sounding natural * Creating and communicating short messages * Understanding the power of persuasion *Dealing with difficult and unexpected questions * Unlocking the secrets of great speakers Date and time: ‪ 6:30pm - 9pm‬ Location: Central Melbourne Price: $149.00 (refer a friend or colleague and you both receive 10% off) All attendees will receive a course handbook. Places are limited to six people and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  email Samantha Worthington - worthingtonpa@consultant.com to reserve your place.