• Susie Wilson

Modern life is filled with many befuddling moments when the proper codes of conduct remain unclear.

Happy New Year

Is it discreet or treacherous to Bcc? Should you vape at work?

Modern life is filled with many befuddling moments when the proper codes of conduct remain unclear. I have unveiled a “What to do” guide to help you think before you faux pas, based on a list of the public’s most frequently asked questions.

To Bcc or not to Bcc

The “Cc” may be a pillar of passive-aggressive internal office email politics, but what of the “Bcc”? “deceptive”, and instead suggest forwarding the email to the third party “with a short note explaining any confidentiality”. Got that?

Lip services

One kiss on the cheek? Two kisses on either cheek? A handshake, a hug and then a kiss on the hand you didn’t shake? The appropriateness of kisses-as-greeting can change from social event to social event: a business lunch with your potential new boss, meeting the in-laws for the first time. For its part kissing should “only be used among friends, but not on first meeting.” Air kisses are ill-advised and are described as “rude or impersonal”, with “no sound effects” deemed necessary.

Vaping at work

With the recent public transport ban on e-cigarettes, where is the best place to vape? Certainly not at your desk at work. It is the equivalent of spending dress-down Fridays standing by the photocopier re-enacting Paris Is Burning and “may be a distraction to your colleagues”, showing “you’re not focused on your work”.

Phone or friend

You’ve asked the question, “Siri, where have all my friends gone?” after repeatedly refusing to have actual face time with the sentient because you’ve been too busy getting lost in Skyrim. “It is always rude to pay more attention to a phone than a person in the flesh.”

Meals on wheels

They may have pixellated out your eyes and nose, but not your Subway Peri Peri Chicken sub or your sense of injustice. Yes, you’ve been shamed on the internet for eating on the bus – but was it acceptable in the first place?

“It’s inconsiderate to eat smelly food in a confined environment,” it says. What about applying makeup on in the train or tram? “It can jeopardise that all-important first impression.” Unless, of course, the all-important first impression you want to create is “bitter clown”.

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