• Susie Wilson

How to walk in heels correctly

Heels aren’t easy. Let’s not pretend otherwise. You need training, and some surreptitious practice at home, I am somewhat of an aficionado and offer to you, my guide on what you should be doing.

The right shoes First, you have to find a pair that fits and is moderately comfortable.

Stance Too many women stand with their legs crossed – maybe they want to go to the lavatory? Correctly done, stand with your heels lined up (a gap or two or three inches in between), your toes pointing in different directions, your right foot in front of the left. Set off on the right foot Literally! With correct deportment, we always set off with the right foot leading.

Step in time Have some rhythm about your gait, but take your time over medium-length strides. Give us a twirl If you do ever need to turn around, and wish to do it with flare, swivel on the toes of your left foot, so you can set off again on the right foot.

When seated To show off your legs and shoes cross your legs and rest one ankle on your other leg’s shin. Heels should really never be over four inches; unless you’re attending a party. Generally, it is lower heels for daytime, higher for an evening. Too many women think they will look sexier the higher the heel. Wrong.

Putting them on Point toes, as if you are Saint Darcey Bussell, arch foot and slide into the heel. Wiggle those toes to spread out and settle in their new, rather cramped, home.

Posture Before you can even think about moving, make sure you are standing correctly. So few of us today (of either sex) have good posture thanks to spending far too long slumped over computers. It defeats the object of wearing the heels in the first place (to make you look confident and your legs look sexy) if you shuffle or slouch along. Roll your shoulders quite far back, imagine you are pushing them over a garden fence and back down the other side. Your hands should be behind the seam of your trousers/skirt and your chin should be parallel to the floor.

Final prep… Clench your bottom, tip your pelvis slightly up and let your hips take you forward… Your waist plays no part in all this, it just remains straight and motionless.

First steps Push your weight through the pelvis. Your ankle gets lifted up, knee bent and then straight onto the floor. A traditional walk is heel-toe, and whilst in heels, this is still true, it shouldn’t be as pronounced as when in flat shoes.

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