• Susie Wilson

The Art Of Human Connection

How many times have you been driven crazy in a customer service situation by an inflatable policy or set of rules that make no sense!

To make matters worse, the person you're dealing with doesn't try to solve the problem, the just continue repeating the mantra.

I'm sorry sir/madam, that's our policy.

Nothing is more frustrating and less human than dealing with a robotic process- follower.

The reality is that all companies have policies and procedures that, at times, conflict with the best needs of the computer. When that happens, the solution is NEVER to make it the customer’s problem. The trick is to stay focused on the result you're trying to achieve for the customer, rather than the rules you have in front of you.

Showing this kind of flexibility will not only prevent a negative customer service experience but actually be a wonderful way of creating a connection.