• Susie Wilson

Your Job Interview Outfit

Believe it or not your outfit and overall appearance can have a huge impact when interviewing. Within the first 30 seconds, most interviewers are able to decide whether or not you would be offered the job based on your outfit and appearance. Although fashion trends are constantly changing, having a few staple pieces in your wardrobe that allow you to mix and match will make all the difference.

Not sure what those essential pieces are?

6 suggestions from Etiquette Expert Susie Wilson that all professionals should incorporate to make acing your interview outfit and overall appearance that much easier:

1. Suit/Blazer: No matter what industry you are applying to, a suit or blazer is a classy, professional choice that will kick you overall presence up a notch as well as ensure the hiring managers to take you seriously. Another great thing about a suit and or blazer is they can be worn together or separately accompanied by an accent piece.

2. Professional Bag: Showing up to your interview with a backpack is a big no-no. Instead, go for a more professional appropriate bag or briefcase that can neatly stow away your portfolio, resume, cover letter and whatever else you may need for your interview.

3. Comfortable, but professional shoes: You want to have your full attention on your interview. Wearing a pair of shoes that have you counting down the seconds until you can take them off is probably not your best bet. Aim for a comfortable, yet professional shoe that will add to your outfit and keep your mindset focused and in the right place.

4. Hairstyle: If you walk into an interview with bed head and knots, I can promise you it’ll do the opposite of impressing your interviewees. Make sure beforehand, not only have you dressed the part but your hair is combed and tamed. This shows you went the extra mile with making sure you were prepped, prepared and groomed!

5. Printed Blouses: Adding printed blouses to your wardrobe is a great way to still dress professionally while adding a little personality to your outfit. Not to mention, you can make it fun with incorporating cute, creative patterns and colours!

6. Makeup: Yes, believe it or not, makeup is very important when interviewing. Showing up to an interview with last night’s going out makeup, is probably not your best look. Go for the cleaner, fresh look with just enough makeup on to show you made an effort and dressed it up a bit!

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