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Civility What Is It? - Susie Wilson Etiquette Expert.
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Adelaide couple claim son's tombstone censored over offensive image

February 27, 2020

Cemetery Etiquette on A current Affair. 

Susie Wilson Ride Share Etiquette Interview

May 07, 2019

The Ride Guide

Ola, one of the world's largest ridesharing platforms, has today launched Australia's first-ever guide to rideshare etiquette, The Ride Guide. Developed with Susie Wilson, one of the nation's leading experts on modern manners, the guide helps Australians navigate the world of rideshare with plenty of tact, charm, and as little awkwardness as possible. 

The Australian rideshare industry is growing at a rapid rate and Australians are jumping on the bandwagon, taking more than 2 million rides each week. The Ride Guide seeks to take the guesswork out of how to behave in your rideshare and provide a set of etiquette tips and tricks to ensure both passengers and drivers have the best ride possible. From passengers who think their drivers are furniture removalists, to drivers who don't understand that riders are not interested in their 'life-changing' pyramid scheme, Ola wants to tackle these issues head-on. 

Ola has enlisted modern-manners expert, Susie Wilson, to help set etiquette standards for rideshare riders and drivers.

May 05, 2019

Ola PR

May 6, 2019

Ola has enlisted modern-manners expert, Susie Wilson, to help set etiquette standards for rideshare riders and drivers

Working out what good-manners and ‘etiquette’ means in the rideshare world can sometimes be tricky. To help, Ola has partnered with leading etiquette and modern manners expert, Susie Wilson, to create a set of tips designed to help take the guesswork out of using rideshare. 

Expert Susie Wilson has written the first Ride Share Etiquette Guide for OLA Rideshare.

May 05, 2019

Etiquette expert Susie Wilson reveals EXACTLY what to say to your rideshare driver to stop them chatting to you - and why you should try sitting in the 'silent seat' behind them

  • Ola has launched Australia's first etiquette guide for ridesharing passengers

  • They liaised with expert Susie Wilson who gave one-liners you can use in transit

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How to call out casual sexism Don’t stay silent. Written by Lucy Cheek , 9 Min read

March 04, 2018

Whether it’s a sexist joke cracked by someone who should know better, a painful ‘mansplain’ or a catcall in the street, it’s often hard to know how to respond to casual sexism – or whether you should respond at all. Here are a few tricks you can keep up your sleeve.

There’s a change in the air; a front of women who are calling out gender bias and harassment. We’re fed up of being judged on our appearance and life choices; of sexism masquerading as ‘just a joke’. But despite the fact we’re refusing to stay silent, casual sexism is still alive and kicking.

Etiquette expert Susie Wilson says while attitudes are shifting, we still have a long way to go. “Sexism still exists in many ways. It’s an easy and guaranteed way to get heard whether it’s the man or the media looking for the attention, or both.”

How to recline respectfully

October 06, 2016

The New Daily Newspaper

How to recline respectfully

Susie Wilson expert in etiquette has warned plane passengers to recline with care after an in-flight argument reportedly turned violent this week.

Etiquette expert and life coach Susie Wilson is a New Zealander based in Melbourne.

Decorum is in danger now many of us are "plugged into devices" but it's more important than ever, she tells Jesse Mulligan.

Mum’s Grapevine enlisted etiquette expert Susie Wilson, founder of Susie Wilson Finishing School Melbourne to answer those tricky baby shower questions, including if you should open the gifts in front of your guests.

When should you throw the baby shower?

Baby showers take place before the baby is born – usually six to eight months into the pregnancy. You don’t want to have it so early that you jinx the pregnancy but you don’t want to leave it too late either just in case the baby is early! About a month or so before the due date is about right.

Yuletide Christmas Etiquette Etiquette expert Susie Wilson says it’s important to treat your office Christmas party like a work activity. Picture: Nicole Cleary

December 19, 2017

Herald Sun

Finally, use your manners at Christmas.

“It’s time for graciousness. Repeat all those lovely common courtesies people are forgetting to use today,” etiquette expert Susie Wilson says. That starts with acknowledging Christmas invitations.

“There is nothing ruder than guests who forget to RSVP,” Wilson says. “If you are fortunate enough to have been invited somewhere for lunch, accept or decline the invitation with grace.”

Once accepted, never ever go anywhere empty-handed.

How to Stop Being the Worst and Start Remembering People's Names

December 05, 2016

How to Stop Being the Worst and Start Remembering People's Names



Dec 6 2016, 11:00am



Susie Wilson is Australia's leading etiquette and deportment expert. The number one question she receives is how to better remember people's names. And there's a reason for that: addressing people properly gives you enormous power. You know in The Devil Wears Prada when Meryl Streep makes Anne Hathaway memorise the names and faces of every single person on a party guest list, then walk around all night whispering them into her ear? Remembering names is the key to asserting your dominance at a social event, whether you're the fiercest woman in magazine publishing or not.

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