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Social Etiquette and Dining Etiquette

Manners Do Matter 

Susie Wilson Finishing is a leading authority on social and dining etiquette we are a combination with the traditional  and also the rules of todays modern etiquette. Our workshops are designed for people who wish to refine their social skills.. 

Our classes help people to understand these incredibly important life skills that can give confidence to any social occasion. 

You will learn:

  • Learn the art of small talk

  • Table planning, setting and seating

  • Understanding proper table manners

  • Posture and deportment, how to enter a room with confidence

  • How to eat with grace, poise and ease. -Cutlery use

  • Dining etiquette being a hostess / host 

  • How to ascend and descend a stairwell

  • Become more poised and polished.

  • When to send out the Thank you card

  • Social etiquette and respect others around you

  • What to wear for any occasion

  • Polished movements- proper deportment and posture

  • Correct sitting

  • How to have composure and be refined in social and business entertaining

Our classes are small and are aimed at individuals who wish to become more confident.

We offer private individual training as well as group training. This is a one day course, or bespoke according to your needs.​

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