Susie Wilson Finishing School is passionate about changing people’s lives and helping our clients become the best professionals in the world.

 Susie has been recognised as the leader in etiquette and hospitality training worldwide.


SWFS empowers its clients to confidently navigate the intricacies and protocol of doing business in a modern world. Whether it’s working the room during a networking event or enjoying a formal dinner with the board of directors, SWFS helps clients feel comfortable in any professional setting.


Susie Wilson Finishing school training delivers  practical and actionable etiquette tips. Each course offers relevant how-tos and insights on everything from introductions and business entertaining to professional decorum and correspondence. Hands-on, interactive instruction is customised to the individual client and their specific needs, each workshop has the same goal: self esteem, communication, leadership and inclusion skills necessary to succeed in the modern workplace and in our society.

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”
~Clarence Thomas