Testimonials, Appreciation and Gratitude From Previous Clients

Susie Wilson Testimonials

Ann-Marie and Stewart McKinnon


Melbourne, Australia 


Our family was treated to a lunch session with Susie Wilson, with the intention to provide some lessons on fine dining and the etiquette to be applied in this situation. We had a wonderful meal at the Melba dining room at the Langham hotel, and Susie delivered her wisdom to us. It was a great gift to give the 8 (adult) children who came with us. They embraced the experience and were totally engaged, and she has succeeded in adding some tools to their (and our) personal toolboxes.


 Susie was a fantastic communicator and was warm, interesting and interested. She subtly and appropriately delivered messages, without once making anyone feel judged or belittled. She answered a myriad of questions. She was a breath of fresh air, and showed us a world we know little of, but made us feel a little more comfortable in entering that world. We will revisit next year and take up the opportunity to build on our knowledge. Thank you, Susie, for a wonderful day! I would recommend this experience to any family. 

Ann-Marie and Stewart McKinnon

Susie Wilson testimonials

Jurline K. Redeaux

MSW Executive Director Impressions.




I was highly honoured to have Ms Susie Wilson travel from Australia to Long Beach, California to assist me with the development of New Impression’s Women Empowerment Training Program. Susie provided self-esteem and etiquette training for our Women’s Support Group, The positive feedback from all participants was unanimous as they were impressed by her expertise as well the international flair that she brought to the training.


I am deeply grateful to Susie for this amazing opportunity to  collaborate  on an international level ! I am thankful that we have been able to foster an ongoing supportive relationship


Julie K. Redeaux, MSW

Executive Director

Susie Wilson Testimonials

Bek Fewkes




Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting Susie Wilson  Founder of Susie Wilson Finishing School. I am a teacher and a very sporty person so spend lots of time on my feet and with a captive audience. I also love the theatre and intend to attend auditions in the future, however often felt that my presence lacked consistent correct posture and needed a more ‘ladylike’ layer.


In every respect of the word, Susie oozes professionalism.  Rather than being stuffy and prim, Susie is gracious and kind and has a depth of knowledge of her trade that makes even the shyest and self-conscious clients feel immediately at ease. Her simple instruction and tricks have given me new confidence and I now find myself correcting my own walking and posture daily. My time with her, although short, was a terrific investment in myself and I would recommend her courses to anyone wanting to gain confidence and poise.

After my class, Susie followed up with me to ensure that I had had a fantastic time and to also offer kind words of support. This was far above the level of service I had expected and was a very pleasant surprise.

Susie offers and a fantastic range of beginning and follows up instruction and I look forward to spending more time with her in the future to brush up my formal dining skills and to discuss her (and mine!) favourite topic, styling.


Thanks again Susie you truly are an Expert in your field!


Warmest Regards,

Bek Fewkes

School Teacher


Susie Wilson Finishing School

Coral Page

Accountant, Business Owner


I was mentored by Susie Wilson for 6 months, in the art of social etiquette, I love Susie's training style, her knowledge and energy is catchy.

I highly recommend Susie Wilson.


I have been mentored by Susie for a number of years. Her knowledge in etiquette and style has not only improved my confidence but also helped pivot my career and personal relationships. Susie is very nurturing in the way she teaches, diligent and individualistic. Her exuberance and energy makes each and every lesson enjoyable and delightful.

Andrew Bolis/ Personal Trainer

I have been trained by Susie in modelling and deportment, I moved to Melbourne, from South Africa. - My confidence and self esteem was very low before I started my workshops with Susie Wilson. Her classes are amazing, I discovered a new look and feel like a beautiful young woman. On a personal note,Susie invited me to attend her family Christmas Day as she knew that I was on my own, and I will always consider her as family.

Thank you Susie, I will always use my teaching into my future!

Tendai Marwai

In 2018 I approached  Susie Wilson Finishing School, and booked in a bespoke mentoring package with Susie Wilson,   I had conducted a large amount of research into etiquette and came to terms that I needed to become more polished.
I was certainly not disappointed. Susie and her team where extremely helpful and professional .  I travelled from Wellington, New Zealand to Melbourne to have Susie coach me. I was not disappointed her knowledge and leadership her teaching style put me at ease. I spent a week with Susie in Melbourne, I came away feeling like a new self assured woman! I only hope that Susie re opens in New Zealand as her teaching and etiquette knowledge is required in NZ.

I would recommend Susie Wilson Finishing School to anyone seeking to  increase their etiquette and leadership knowledge. 

Carolyn Sommerton