Susie Wilson Lady Awards Scholarship Program 

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Domestic violence has been an unspoken part of society since the beginning of time. Traditionally in most cultures, women have been taught from the time they were young girls to be subservient to their male counterparts. When accepting a man’s marriage proposal, a dutiful wife knew all too well that she should do as he says, when he says it, and how he wants it done, or else there would be a high price to pay. Women were lucky if they were allowed to pick out their own clothes for the day.

The Susie Wilson Lady Scholarship Award is offered to women who have survived domestic abuse and are looking to make better lives for themselves and their children. Susie gives special consideration to women with small children who have left their abusive partners and are struggling to support their children on their own. The amount of funding varies depending on the number of donations received, but the average scholarship amount is $1,000 per recipient.
The scholarship money may be used towards college tuition and expenses as well as transportation and child care.
The impact of childhood sexual abuse is widespread, affecting the victim, family, friends, and society. While the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse has become part of the public consciousness in recent years, the public remains less aware that a large number of these abusive acts are perpetrated within familial relationships. Adult incest survivors face a past often shrouded in secrecy and must find a way to make sense of their experience in the present. 

Unfortunately, this was simply a normal occurrence, not to be given a second thought by anyone involved. But as time passed and people evolved, many began to realize that was an unjust way of life, not only for the women but for their children who had been forced to bear witness to this. There have been many outside influences that helped to open the minds of the general public.


One major influence on women’s rights was the woman’s movement of the 1960s. This was a time when women became liberated and learned that they had rights to their own opinions, their own styles, and their own ways of life. It was at this time that many women chose to leave the ironing and the aprons behind to seek employment outside of the home.

As these women began to make their own money, it enabled them to feel much more confident. Their growing confidence began to shed new light on their unhealthy relationships and brought them feelings of independence. Why would they ever put up with such foul treatment from their husbands when they could take care of themselves? These feelings of liberation and independence started to spread like wildfire, and a new, much stronger society of women was born.

The Persistence of Abuse Today

Even after the 60s movement hit its mark, inspired more women to take control of their own lives, and changed the way of thinking for most of the free world, some women still remain in a suppressed state of being to this day. Domestic violence takes place in all walks of life. There is no race, colour, or creed that is exempt from the possibility of it occurring within their households.

Battered women are made to feel worthless and insignificant through the hands of their abusers. The longer the abuse takes place, the more worthless these women are made to feel. With each passing day, they will fall deeper and deeper into their dark holes of hopelessness and depression.

However, what some of these women are not aware of is that there is a way out. Now more than ever, there is so much help out there for battered and abused women. There are domestic abuse hotlines and women’s shelters which will provide counselling and assistance with finding new housing.


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